About me & my yoga 

My offering 

Many hours of pre-recorded gentle movement and relaxation classes, filmed over the course of a year with humour, warmth and kindness (plus the occasional appearence by my house rabbit).

Free sample classes - firstly why not take a look at my free samples page where you can get a feel for the kind of thing I offer

Subscription - join for access to over a year's worth of pre-recorded classes. Choose from one free week or sign up to the monthly subscription for £14 per month. 

There are also some audio recordings of relaxation and meditation practices to download and keep forever in the Relaxation Shop

My Story 

I have been practicing yoga for nearly 30 years. It is at the heart of my life and the way I live - and I don’t mean complicated postures, I mean the philosophy and approach to life, the gentle support the teachings offer, and the deep difference it can make to emotional wellbeing and balance. Yoga helps. It's not a magic bullet. But it really helps. 


Over the past few years, I have been teaching group classes in Herefordshire, but a series of things have changed this - first the Covid situation, then I took an extra job working in addiction recovery, so at the moment I am having a break from teaching, but have uploaded all my recorded classes here - a collection of movement and relaxation classes filmed over the past year or so. 


I truly hope you find something here that is useful, supportive, and nourishing. 

I truly value the holistic, healing power of yoga.

Like many people, I struggle. And through the emotional ups and downs of life, through periods of depression, anxiety and addiction - yoga has always offered me support and healing.

When I'm feeling down, there is real power in an uplifting practice. When I'm feeling tired and worn out, a soft and restorative yoga session can help. When I'm feeling anxious and lost, there is calm and reassurance in a breath-based meditation.

Of course it is not a magic bullet, and I get frustrated when I see adverts for yoga offering a 'quick fix' and instant transformation. But it helps, it really does.  And there is always a move towards wholeness and happiness in rolling out my mat.


I considered yoga teacher training for many years before I began, not wanting to turn something I love into a living, but eventually took the plunge and began studying with Real Yoga, an amazing school where trainee teachers are encouranged to develop into safe, thoughtful, kind, supportive teachers.

Certificate in Yoga Teaching -  a comprehensive two year training  fully accredited by the Independent Yoga Network (IYN)

Diploma in Yoga Therapy - an additional two years training in yoga therapy, including a dissertation on the role of Yoga Therapy in treating addiction

Certificate in Counselling -  Level 3 Counselling  training with Heartwood Colllege of Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Along with these formal qualifications, I have spent many hours and days in additional workshops and CPD trainings -often more for my own inspiration and enjoyment than for teaching skills - but of course it all pours into the teachings I offer. 

I have a personal daily meditation practice and two or three times a year I attend silent meditation retreats which definitely inform my yoga teaching, as well as help to keep me calm and grounded.