Private Classes & Yoga Therapy 

I'm sorry, all private classes are currently suspended.

As Covid restrictions and social distancing truly and finally begin to lift,  I will look to reintroduce some private yoga and yoga therapy at my home studio in order to offer something in person, in a safe, nurturing environment.

If this is something that interests you, do get in touch and I will add you to my mailing list. 

Yoga Therapy 

Safe, compassionate, client-led therapy using the tools of yoga to support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Yoga Therapy is bespoke, one to one therapy using yogic practices to support health and wellbeing. In Yoga Therapy we treat the individual, not the symptom, healing the person at all levels. 

As a system that supports overall health and happiness, Yoga Therapy can support recovery and wellbeing whatever you might be dealing with, but particular areas of interest for me - where I feel I can offer the most support - include:

 Back pain, 

Depression, Anxiety,

Fatigue, Insomnia,

Addiction, Stress

How is it different to a yoga class? A yoga class can certainly help ease everyday aches and pains and mood complaints, but a yoga therapy session goes much further as it is completely tailored to the individual. Before the first session you will be asked to complete a detailed intake form which we will then work through together. Often less ‘physical’ than a traditional yoga class, yoga therapy may include working with a mixture of posture / exercises, breathing techniques, counselling, meditation, relaxation and lifestyle changes. 


First session £60 (please allow up to two hours)

Subsequent sessions £45 for 75 minutes 

One to One 

A private class for up to three people in my garden 

studio in Bishops Frome

A private yoga class, tailored to you - this is a lovely option if you are new to yoga and would like a bit of extra support or if you prefer not to be in a group class.

£40 for 75 minutes

(This is for my time and not per client - so you are welcome to come along with a partner or friend to share the cost - there is space for up to three students.)